Excerpts from http://www.vaihome.com

VAI's software product, System 2000, offers a suite of dynamic applications for the wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and retail industries. Designed for the mid-range market, System 2000 is in use in over 700 companies worldwide. In addition to the standard customer service, inventory management, manufacturing, retail, and financial applications, advanced applications such as Warehouse Pro, EDI, CRM and e-business provide companies the power to leverage their information technology investment. Most importantly, System 2000's flexible design allows companies to personalize the product to meet their specific requirements.

VAI's e-business solutions provide seamless integration into the System 2000 ERP applications. In addition, VAI's e-business solutions can be integrated with non-VAI ERP applications to provide both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer transaction processing over the web. Features include; dynamic product searching, item promotions, ad banners, shopping cart, account inquiry, order status inquiry, invoice history inquiry, and web sales and analysis.